The Company

Our qualified employees are always up-to-date with the latest information and training. We offer you a dedicated, high-quality service for your requirements.


The company Donau Schiffservice-Kompetenz GmbH was founded as a manufacturer, distributor and supplier-independent provider for services in the field of marine equipment, supply, disposal, maintenance, repair and service.


Due to the good long-standing contacts to almost all well-known ship's suppliers, we are able to procure all the necessary equipment and consumables for you quickly and inexpensively and deliver them directly to you on board.

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Welcome to danube ship services


Ship service, ship repair and marine equipment in Upper Austria

Due to the ever increasing number of ships of all kinds, both in commercial, governmental, as well as in private shipping and the resulting ever-increasing need for all the various requirements and problems encountered around the ship “a” competent contact and solution partner to have. On the other hand, the knowledge gained by decades of experience in the shipping industry of all persons involved in the newly founded company indicates that despite the greatest need for these all-embracing problems, there is still no suitable solution partner on the market.


Vessel  Troubleshooting – Expert’s Services
daily 24h

Phone: +43 660 111 2600


What is your benefit?

Our specialised team of vessel-experts, engineers, machinsts,  metal workers, electricians and electronic technicians takes over your requests and orders and executes them at any time professionally and reliably. Due to steady skill enhancement and  further education our qualified staff is always up-to-date.  We provide dedicated and high-quality  services for your requirements. At our location in Linz  we offer a 24-hours-standby and coordinate the activities of our staff on board but also up to a distance of around 500km. Thererfore we can provide you with our services  day and night in a time-saving which in the end means cost-saving way for you.

You can count on our services

Reliability and a high degree of technical and craftsmanship are the basis of our success. With us you will find customer-friendly service from the inquiry to the detailed and transparent invoicing. We are here for you.



Together with you we plan the right time, place and range of the services we provide you with.



Due to our good contacts to almost all suppliers of vessel-matters for many years it is possible for us to offer you all required materials quickly and deliver them right onto your board.



Of course we also supply you with all other things you need as far as possible.



After the work is done, our staff naturally will take your waste away as long as we can transport it in our sevice-bus.



We carry out all necessary maintenance work with our universally trained specialist staff. This extends the service life and reduces the wear on your equipment.



With our expertised vessel-technicians we can maintain everything that is possbible.

Equipment providing:

Because of our very good relationships with all vessel-relevant motor-, gearing-, generator-, steering gear -, radio and radar -, navigation- and further aggregate-producers and furthermore to all second-hand-suppliers we can provide you rapidly with all things and install them correctly.


We are specialised on all kind of motor-, aggregate-, turbine-, generator-, cooler-, electric-, hydraulic- and pneumatic-repairs. Our staff is ready 24h/day not only in Linz, but also in a distance of 500km. Every team has a full-equipped service bus so that we can minimise your downtime as much as possible.


Under our slogan „Vessel – Troubleshooting“ we offer a 7 days per week 24 hours/day all around support for your vessel-based problems. Our main goal is to solve your problems and requests as soon as possible. To do that we have not only our own ressources but also our good working network connections to all other vessel services and agencies.


Ship Service - Ship Repair - Ship Equipment in Upper Austria

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Danube Ship Service - Competence GmbH in Linz